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Some years ago, at Maison Médelys, our founder introduced a sustainability policy to limit our carbon footprint.

The employees implement this policy, upon the will of the founder, on a daily basis, reflecting our company’s desire to contribute to the sustainable transfer of skills in the art and science of gastronomy, where sustainable development plays a vital role.

The methods we use include:

A low voltage electricity network

Use of double glazing for the refrigerated cabinets and triple glazing for freezer cabinets to limit any energy loss

Optimised thermal insulation in the building to limit heating consumption in the offices in winter

A light shaft in the offices to limit energy consumption during the day

Overall building design using environmentally friendly materials as much as possible

For some 3 years at Maison Médelys we have been using electric vehicles. In 2017, we acquired a third car made in France and 100% electric.

Our delivery bays have a fast electric charging station. This was the first one to be used in the Rungis international market.

For short-distance travel by delivery and sales staff, we use electric vehicles whenever possible.

A long-term project at Maison Médelys is to acquire a fleet of all-electric cars

Systematic recycling of office and computer supplies (cartridges, equipment, etc.)

Selective waste sorting Cardboard is recycled and our bio-waste is recovered by anaerobic digestion (1,070 tonnes in 2017)

All cleaning products are exclusively eco-friendly

Installation of drinking water fountains to prevent the use of plastic bottles and carboys

Deliveries of perishable goods using iceboxes rather than disposable cool-bags

Staff members use eco-friendly soap and biodegradable paper towels

We limit the number of document printouts

If we print, we use both sides to avoid wasting paper

Most of our documents are printed in black and white

Obsolete documents are recycled as rough paper

The company is gradually becoming paper-free by thanks to digital technology. Invoice reminders are sent by email