Founded in 1987 by Florence Hardy, Maison Médelys has become a well-known destination at Rungis International Market in Paris.


We owe our longevity to our founder’s commitment, to the team spirit our leaders have created and to the passion shared by all of our partners for the products and crafts they represent.

It’s no surprise that Maison Médelys has built strong, lasting relationships with our producers, suppliers and customers alike.


Founded in 1987 and offering some 4,000 active products to over 6,000 customers in France and around the world, Maison Médelys is a unique story of individual and collective success unlike any other in the industry.

 Maison Médelys is the only business at Rungis International Market that was founded by a woman, who still heads the company. While more women have come to work at the world’s largest fresh food market since the 1980’s, businesses founded and run by women are still the exception.


Florence Hardy is an active participant in Rungis International Market. She is the founder and president of the UPSG (the French union of gastronomy professionals) and is also Commandeur des Gastronomes Ambassadeurs de Rungis.

Ms. Hardy engages with both the industry and the government as a member of the UNIGROS wholesalers’ union and of VMAPI, a local non-profit organisation that supports and funds business initiatives to create local jobs. She is a member of the Rungis employers’ association since it was created and is also the co-founder and vice president of Les Rabelaisiennes de Rungis, an association committed to promoting and empowering professional women at Rungis International Market.