Since 1987, Maison Médelys has been forging its own way, carving out a unique position serving professionals in the fine foods market.

We put our curiosity and exacting standards to work for our customers. Our in-depth knowledge of producers means we can select their best products and be enthusiastic partners in passing on and sharing their expertise.

We are more than just a supplier. We are a partner in gastronomic excellence, combining advice and adaptability at every stage of our relationship.


Ever searching for new tastes, we put sourcing at the heart of our business. Sourcing is what guarantees the quality of every item we offer.

We source…at the source! Once we have identified a potential new partner, Maison Médelys experts go to meet the producer on site. This discussion and tasting phase is a prerequisite before any new product is integrated into the Maison Médelys range.

Maison Médelys can also procure specific products upon request. With a pre-order in place, we can quickly source a product from one of our suppliers, even if it is not in our catalogue. This personalised service enables us to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Thanks to our rigorous sourcing and long-term relationships with every Maison Médelys supplier, we add new products to our extensive selection every month.


Advice is a core service at Maison Médelys, and the responsibility of every team member who comes into contact with our customers.

Sales consultants attend to customers as soon as they arrive, helping them find the products they want and discover new ones. Our consultants are familiar with each customer’s specific requirements and are in the perfect position to make useful recommendations.

Our sales team is also available to answer questions about products. If an item is temporarily unavailable, they can find the best solution for each customer, whether that means recommending an equivalent product or finding out exactly when the desired product will be available.

Maison Médelys sales representatives are also happy to bring their product expertise to customers’ premises, introducing them to new flavours, emerging trends and unique products.